Fuel Is a Problem for Businesses and Consumers—Why Prices Are So High

A sign displays gas prices at a gas station on May 10, 2022 in San Mateo County, California. Liu Guanguan | China Information Service | Getty Images Soaring gasoline prices are impossible to miss and top of mind for consumers as large billboards advertise that gasoline now costs $4, or $5, and even upwards of … Read more

Europe has a $221 billion plan to ditch energy from Russia

Presenting its “REPowerEU” plan on Wednesday, the European Commission said it would try to reduce consumption of Russian gas across the bloc by 66% by the end of this year – and completely break its dependence before 2027 – saving energy, finding alternative sources. and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. “We are taking our … Read more

Gasoline could top $5 a gallon this summer, causing more pain for consumers

Current gasoline prices are shown in Garden Grove, California on March 29, 2022. Mike Blake | Reuters Gasoline prices are a wild card for consumers’ wallets this summer as tight supply and uncertainty in Ukraine could push fuel costs up significantly. Gas prices are climbing towards $5 and they look set to stay high even … Read more

The cryptocurrency crash is great news for the rest of the world. here’s why

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were meant to be used as digital currency. Instead, they have become popular as speculative investments. In addition to being resource-intensive and inherently wasteful, cryptocurrencies are also incredibly volatile. The prices of the biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have both fallen more than 55% in six months, leading some to suggest regulation … Read more

California’s $6 gas prices could spread nationwide, warns JPMorgan

“There is a real risk that the price will hit over $6 a gallon by August,” Natasha Kaneva, head of global oil and commodities research at JPMorgan, told CNN on Tuesday. With U.S. gasoline inventories at their lowest seasonal levels since 2019, JPMorgan fears it will be difficult to meet intense demand during this summer’s … Read more

Inflation proves Biden did everything wrong at once

Our increasingly ugly inflation problem is a perfect illustration of the Biden administration’s uncanny ability to do everything wrong everywhere at once. The Biden administration’s first response to any problem is to pretend it’s not a problem. This is how inflation went from a minor problem to a major problem. Unwilling to take the necessary … Read more

Here’s why inflation may be less costly for some retirees

A customer at a grocery store in San Francisco on May 2, 2022. David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images Inflation is a growing concern as Americans spend hundreds more every month. But some retirees can avoid the sting of rising prices for gas, groceries and other costs. Annual inflation rose 8.3% in April, … Read more

Apple Stock went down. It’s bad for the market.

Text size Apple’s flagship store in Beijing is closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Kevin Frayer/Getty Images Apple the stock is in a sorry state, now trading below a price that investors could not resist before, a price that has driven it higher in recent months. This new price – around $142 per share … Read more

Russian gas: Europe lacks time to find alternatives

Barely 24 hours after Ukraine cut the flow of natural gas through its territory to Europe, blaming interference by Russian troops, Gazprom suspended supplies through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline through Poland and stopped sending gas to a distributor in Germany. Although the volumes involved are small, totaling only a few percent of Europe’s overall gas … Read more

Some Russian gas flows to Europe halted by Ukraine

Russian gas, a key energy source for Germany and many other EU economies, has continued to flow uninterrupted in pipelines through Ukraine since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of troops in February. But in a statement on Tuesday evening, Ukraine’s gas transmission network operator (GTSOU) said it had decided to suspend operations at a … Read more